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From Petals to Possibilities - Making your visions come to life one flower at a time.

Due to a last minute cancellation I have 3 more spaces available on my 5 week short course starting this Wednesday 8th November. The course will take you through to Wed 8th Dec where we will finish with a Festive Table centrepiece design. During the course I will show you 5 different styles and we will cover flower conditioning , colour theory combinations and lots of other interesting tips and tricks along the way.

You can either call me on 07970 460 855 or book directly on line via the Workshops page or Flower Shop Page LInk below.

The course is at the YMCA lounge room Reforne, Easton Portland. The first week everything will be provided including the use of my aprons and florist scissors so just come and enjoy yourself and learn a new skill or update an old one.

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