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What an incredible year it's been for our cherished followers and both new and returning clients who joined our immensely popular Luxury Wreath Making Workshops! A heartfelt congratulations to everyone involved. With seven workshops successfully completed and one more scheduled for this upcoming Sunday morning, we find ourselves entirely immersed in wreaths—quite literally wreathed out, if you will! 😄

It's been fascinating to observe a noticeable shift in the age range of participants. While our faithful attendees from the 50-70+ years age group continue to grace us with their presence, this year has seen a significant surge in participants from the 30-40+ years age group. We've even had the pleasure of welcoming our youngest attendee in his teens. Our workshops embrace equal gender inclusivity, with the guys showing up and unleashing their inner florist creativity—a fantastic exploration indeed.

I find immense joy in teaching, sharing techniques, tips, and tricks. Some in the floristry business choose not to share their knowledge, fearing it may pose a threat. Not me—I firmly believe that the more we connect with nature, the greater the sense of calm and well-being we experience through handling and creating with flowers. If I can contribute to your journey of floral relaxation, I'll continue to teach, demonstrate, and share everything I know.

Every day is a learning opportunity, and I am continually enriched by my clients. They often bring insights I might not be aware of, and each year, I attend courses to further expand my floristry skills and teaching expertise.

Weymouth, Portland, and Wyke Regis are the local areas where I regularly teach and deliver flowers. However, as "The Florist that Teaches," Denise Jones Floral Design of Dorset is ready and willing to bring floral experiences to your doorstep—be it your home, workplace, school, or business.

Stay tuned for our exciting 2024 FLORAL Short courses, featuring "Art of Flower Arranging - FLOWER POWER," along with our Seasonal Workshops. The anticipation is palpable—watch this space for more updates! 🌸✨ Best wishes Denise Denise Jones Floral Design

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