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Our Fabulous pedestal arrangements for  many occasions.

Perfect for creating :

* the WOW at  Weddings  and Baby showers christenings / baby naming

* for a Focal point and thoughtful design for Funerals and Church events, Corporate events.


** Repurposed and reused to work your budget, they can be transfered to the wake after the service for funerals, or for weddings and other events can be transfered to a reception venue or a different area ets following the service or main welcome and reused in a different area, building or venue.


For Weddings you can use to flank your ceremony area or aisle and then repurpose reuse at the reception either side of the top table or place on a table on a ghost stand for a tall table centrepiece


For repurposing and transfering and setting up in a different area, venue or building there  will be a seperate charge, please ask for more details pleas call me on 07970 460 855 or drop me a message by email to or use the website contact form.


various styles and colours available 

Standing Pedestal Arrangement /Displays

  • This arrangement may be created using bio and or sustainable methods and the care instructions may vary please contact Denise on 07970 460 855 for further details if requried before the time of ordering.

    Please add a message with regards to the address for delivery of the first placement and we can discuss details if the pedesal needs to be reused, repurosed or deconstructed on your behalf


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