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A minimum order period ideally of 5 working days is required for all lettering ( if less than this period please fo give me a call on 07970 460 855


Funeral letters are often selected by close family members.

* This MODERN /NATURAL  option features a softer mix of different flowers plus a foliage edging.

Your Colour scheme choices  are 

(1)  Pastels, ( paler hues including Pink) 

(2)  Bright  ( yellows and oranges) 

(3) Cool ( using blues & purples)

(4) Bold  (a mix of colours )

(5) Tranquil ( neautral whites, ivory, creams, greens)


Funeral letters are typically 30 cm high, with the longest word being 7 letters to fit the length of the hearse. Longer words can be accommodated but will be split into sections , other colour combinations can also be accomodated that may not be listed, please call me on 

07970 460 855 to discuss further.


I am always happy to arrange a  consultation in the comfort of your own home.


Please ensure you provide all the details in the information box of :

* Including the details of the Funeral Director, Date of Funeral, Name of The Late, your Colour Design choice and the Letter or Word /Name you would like and your Message we can add to the card on the tribute.


If you have any queries or would prefer to chat through the details please send me a message via the contact form on the website or I welcome a telephone call  07970 460 855.

With kind regards Denise




Funeral Tributes Letters & Names Modern /Natural mixed Base of mixed flowers

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