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FREEBIE Giveaway, Floral Design for International Womans Day 2022

So we are donating one of our Floral Designs and asking all the woman to nominate themselves for a chance in our prize draw ti win these gorgeous flowers. Today has been all about celebrating woman from all walks of life and celebrate how amazing you are and dont let anyone tell you any different.

So fire away and pop me a message via the contact form and nominate yourself, or if you are a guy reading about this gesture then please free to message about a female who is very special. and quote #BeatTheBiasflowers #weymouthflorist #floristweymouth #flowersweymouth #weddingflowersweymouth #weddingflorist #weddingfloristweymouth #randomactofkindness #internationalwomansday2022 #IWD2022

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